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Ekkehard Thümler

Ekkehard Thümler, MA

Phone: +49 30 / 234587-54 (Berlin Office)

Ekkehard Thümler is head of the department „Personal development“ at the Joachim Herz Foundation in Hamburg. Prior to that, he directed the research program „Strategies for impact in philanthropy“ at the CSI where he keeps teaching in the executive training program „Foundation strategies for impact“.

Ekkehard Thümler holds a Master’s in philosophy and law of Göttingen University. He has submitted a dissertation on pragmatic strategies for the solution of social problems by philanthropic organizations to the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of Heidelberg University.

He worked as a project director for Bertelsmann Foundation, Baden-Württemberg Foundation as well as Vodafone Foundation and has published widely on the issues of social impact and innovation by philanthropic foundations.


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