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CSI Report

CSI Report

"CSI report" is a quarterly newsletter of the CSI

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Issue Nr. 18 / December 2014

Topics in this issue include:

  • The project ‘The way we ask for money...’provides data on the promotion of research and science in Germany: The sociology of science-related project considered the question of third-party funding application from a historical-comparative perspective. The research results reveal that the application process is constantly being standardised and that the focus is increasingly on the researchers, who apply for funding.
  • A successful exchange arranged within the framework ‘Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs’:The CSI has been involved as an ’Intermediary Organization‘ in the EU project ’Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs‘ (EYE) for almost two years now. An exchange between two social entrepreneurs has been successfully completed.
  • The successful project ‚Learning from Partners‘ goes in its second round: Eleven German foundations are collaborating in this high-profile follow up study. The survey results offer the foundations the opportunity to gain insights and information concerning their work style and strategic orientation. The research design gives the chance to analyse the changes and constants within the foundation sector from the perspective of the partners.

The 'CSI report' is published in German and English. You can download it at any time from our website.

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