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TEPSIE (German)


TEPSIE - Growing Social Innovation

  • Laufzeit: Januar 2012- Januar 2015
  • Gefördert von: Europ. Kommission (FP-7)
  • Forschungsagenda: Theorie, empirische Erfassung und Politik im Kontext Sozialer Innovationen
  • Ziel: Praktische und theoretische Fundierung Sozialer Innovationen
  • Ansprechpartner: Gunnar Glänzel (CSI Heidelberg)

Social innovation has become a buzzword. Nevertheless, there is a widely perceived consensus that its potential is far from being utilized to the full and that social problems both in Europe and worldwide are all but solved. We are in urgent need for more effective and efficient strategies to problems such as the growing gap between the rich and the poor, environmental degradation and climate change, ageing populations and the multiplicity of tensions and conflicts that arise in pluralistic societies. Innovative solutions often do exist, but they are scattered and often small-scale. What is needed is a comprehensive and concerted effort dedicated to growing social innovation.

Against this background, an international research consortium cooperates at the European level in the project "The Theoretical, Empirical and Policy Foundations for Social Innovation in Europe" (TEPSIE) with the aim of drafting a strategy for the entire European Union to promote innovative solutions for the social problems of our time. The project consortium consists of: The Danish Technology Institute, the Young Foundation from the UK, the Universidade Catolica Porto from Portugal, the Wroclaw Research Centre EIT+ from Poland, Atlantis Consulting from Greece, and the Centre for Social Investment from Germany.

The project has started in January 2012, runs over three years and is comprised of 9 operative work packages. CSI leads of these work packages: In work package 2, the CSI team aims to deliver a quantitative overview of social innovation organizations in the EU and to map methods of measuring social innovation at the macro level. In work package 4 the objectives are to explore existing and potential capital flows for social innovation, to analyze the potential of social finance markets, and to develop recommendations on instruments, which are meant to generate capital flows for social innovators.

TEPSIE aims to develop tools, methods and policies which will be part of the EU strategy on social innovation. Its purpose is to strengthen provide a foundation for other researchers, policy-makers and practitioners to build upon.

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