Centrum für soziale Investitionen und Innovationen | Centre for Social Investment
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Das Team

Mission statement


The Centre's mission is realized through four major objectives that guide its activities, and against which it will chart its progress and accomplishments over time. Specifically, the objectives are to

  • Improve the theoretical and practical understanding of social investment, philanthropy, civil society, and social economy institutions;
  • Inform policy-making relating to social investment and relevant institutions at local, regional, national and international levels;
  • Build managerial and governance capacity in the field of social investment, and foster leadership and organizational effectiveness; and
  • Monitor major developments affecting social investment in relation to markets and government institutions generally, and with reference to philanthropy and civil society institutions in particular.
  • Principal Tasks and Activities

    To serve these objectives, the Centre engages in four principal, integrated tasks on an ongoing basis: Research, Teaching, Convening, and Outreach. These tasks are being translated into concrete programs and activities during the Centre's initial development phase and are expected to expand in scale and scope in the medium to long term.

    Research... carry out research relevant to social investment, philanthropy, civil society, and social economy; engage in national, international, and comparative research, with special emphasis on Europe; contribute to basic theoretical understanding, applied knowledge and policy debates in the field; and embed the emerging field of social investment studies in the major social sciences disciplines while encouraging inter-disciplinary approaches ...

    Teaching... co-ordinate teaching on social investment, nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, and civil society across university faculties and departments; contribute to Ph.D., graduate and undergraduate education; offer a range of executive training programs, including a summer academy to foster leadership and policy skills and to build management capacity...

    Convening... serve as the forum for, and intellectual engine of, policy debates in the field by bringing together practitioners, policy experts and researchers, nationally, in Europe, and internationally; provide a neutral platform for the development and discussion of new approaches and innovative thinking in the field...

    Outreach... disseminate research results, teaching material, and policy-relevant findings to diverse academic and practitioner audiences as well as policymakers; offer advisory and consulting services, reaching out to existing and emerging practitioner and policy communities at the European level; generate greater awareness of issues relating to social investment ...

    A Programmatic Statement (English)

    A Programmatic Statement (German)

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