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Stina Preuß

Stina Preuß

Phone: 06221 / 54119 78

Stina Preuss studied Sociology at the TU Darmstadt from 2004 to 2010. During her studies she spent two semesters at the Université de Toulouse le Mirail and worked as a student research assistant.

After completion of her diploma (Dipl.-Soziologin) Stina Preuss became a member of the graduate school „Frontiers of Civil Society“ at the Max-Weber-Institute of Sociology and the CSI of the University of Heidelberg. In her dissertation on „Processes of Approval of Free Alternative Schools“ she analysed participatory opportunities for civil society actors within the German school system. While performing her research she also completed the „Certificate of University Teaching“ of the state of Baden-Württemberg and taught courses on the Sociology of education at the undergraduate level.

Since 2014 Stina Preuss works at the CSI in the EU project „Impact of the Third Sector as Social Innovation“ (ITSSOIN).

Research interests:

  • Education
  • Civil Society
  • Social Innovations
  • Field theory
  • Pierre Bourdieu

Conference presentations:

  • Preuß, Stina (2013): Die Genehmigung Freier Alternativschulen. Eine soziologische Analyse. Bundestreffen des Bundesverbandes Freier Alternativschulen (BFAS) Halle/Saale. September 2013
  • Preuß, Stina (2013): A revolution by degrees? The emergence of free alternative schools in the German education system. Crisis, Critique and Change,11th Conferenz of the European Sociological Association. Turin, August 2013
  • Preuß, Stina (2014): A walk on a tightrope of homogeneity and distinctiveness. The founding of free alternative schools in Germany. Organizing Education; Organized by the Education Sections of the Sociological Associations of Switzerland (SGS), Germany (DGS) & Austria (ÖGS). Basel, Juni 2014.
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