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NEWLY PUBLISHED: "The privatization of higher education: Comparative perspectives" (EJE special issue)

Privatization can be considered one of the most important and contested trends in contemporary higher education. The objective of the EJE-special issue is to generate a theoretically informed discussion that is international and multidisciplinary, cross-cutting multiple lines of political ideology. Especially, we wish to engage a discussion that rises above the normative cleavage usually associated with privatization in education and discuss alternative forms of private investments (e.g. through philanthropy, fundraising or public private partnerships). By addressing the dangers as well as the potentials of privatization in higher education, we would like to contribute to the further elaboration and differentiation of the concept. The special issue has been published following the 2011 MLS-Symposium "The privatization of Higher Education" that took place in Heidelberg.

Guest-Editors: Kathia Serrano-Velarde (CSI, Heidelberg University), Georg Krücken (INCHER, Kassel).

Dr. Volker Then at the International Social Entrepreneurship Conference in Istanbul

Dr. Volker Then held a presentation on social investment at the International Social Entrepreneurship Conference that was organised by the British Council, Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations (TACSO) and Third Sector Foundation of Turkey (TÜSEV), with support from strategic partner, Vodafone Turkey Foundation, and conference host, Kadir Has University. It took place in Istanbul, Turkey on 29 February and 1 March 2012. The conference brought together 143 social entrepreneurs and supporters of social entrepreneurship from the Western Balkans, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia and the United Kingdom (UK) and created an important opportunity for the development of social entrepreneurship, particularly social enterprise, in the region.

International Reasearch Symposium

Leading international scholars form economics and the social sciences discussed the future of "Governance and Leadership in Hybrid Organizations" in December 2011.
Hybridity has become a widely discussed subject across the social and economic sciences and is a key issue on the research agenda of the Centre for Social Investment (CSI). To date, many aspects in the field remain unclear or even unexplored (see also the leading article of the ‘CSI report’, Issue 10/July 2011). The international research Symposium, hosted by the CSI, will be funded by the Stiftung Volkswagen.

International Symposium in Heidelberg, Germany

Lautenschlaeger Stiftung From October 20th through 21st, the International Symposium took place in Heidelberg, Germany. The theme of the conference was "the privatization of higher education". The objective of this conference was to generate a theoretically informed discussion that is international and multidisciplinary, cross-cutting multiple lines of political ideology. By addressing the dangers as well as the potentials of privatization in higher education, we would like to contribute to the further elaboration and differentiation of the concept.

  • For further information, please click here.

ERNOP Conference

ERNOP The first international annual conference of the European Researc Network on Philanthropy (http://www.ernop.eu/) took place on Tuesday, May 7th, in Vienna, Austria. The theme of the conference was "Philanthropy and Civil Society: European and Transnational Perspectives". Ekkehard Thümler and Nicole Bögelein presented a paper on "The Social Impact of Philanthropic Foundations: Observations from Europe and North America" within the „Impact Measurement“ panel. Lorenzo Fioramonti and Ekkehard Thümler reported on the topic “Can Philanthropy Support a Civil Society Watchdog of Financial Markets? The Options and Constraints of Private Foundations” in the “Changing Civil Society” panel.

Panel Discussion on "The Future of Social Business"

OWC Passau From May 19th through May 22nd, the "One World Convention on Social Business" took place in Passau, Germany. At the final panel discussion, Björn Schmitz (CSI), Samantha Caccamo (Social Business Earth, Lugano), Jirina Svitáková (Czech Microfinance Foundation) and Nicole Traxler (Social Impact Award, Vienna) discussed "the Future of Social Business".

  • For the offical website of the One World Convention please click here
  • For the webpages of the European Student Forum, Passau, please click here

IRSPM Conference Report

IRSPM-Tagung From April 11th through April 13th, the 15th Annual Conference of the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM XV) took place in Dublin. The theme of the conference was “Value, Innovation and Partnership”. In the context of "Blurring Sector Boundaries, Hybrid Organizations and Public Services: Current Issues and Common Ground“ panel, Björn Schmitz presented a paper on "Organizational Hybridity in Social Finance – A Comparative Case Analysis“. Ekkehard Thümler contributed a paper on “Foundations, Schools and the State. School Development Partnerships in the US and Germany as Legitimacy-Generating Arrangements” within the “Philanthropy, Public Services, Policy: Working Together or Falling Out” panel.

For a more comprehensive conference report please click here.

A civil society watchdog for financial markets
by Lorenzo Fioramonti and Ekkehard Thümler

Open Democracy One might have expected charitable foundations - the financial muscle behind many civil society initiatives - to be keen to support pressure groups or policy research bodies concerned with financial markets structures and players. But the authors have found only weak evidence that foundations really want to engage with the issues and much caution about doing so. The challenge is there, however: formulate a vision and write a plan and the money might, just, be available...

  • For the entire article on opendemocracy.net, please click here.

The Centre for Social Investment at ARNOVA

Arnova Ekkehard Thümler and Björn Schmitz took part in last year's annual ARNOVA conference, which took place from October 18th through 21st in Alexandria, USA. In the context of the "Roles of Foundations" group, Ekkehard Thümler presented a paper on "Foundations as Pragmatic Entrepreneuers: Patterns of Philanthropic Strategies for High Social Impact". Björn Schmitz contributed a paper on "Organizational Hybridity and Hybrid Organizations Typology" in the "Innovation in Hybrid Nonprofit / Forprofit Social Enterprises" group led by Prof. Gemma Donnelly-Cox.

  • For a more detailed report please click here .
  • For the ARNOVA website please click here.

Interview with Dr. Volker Then on the "Giving Pledge" (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

Dr. Volker Then The "Giving pledge" programme has predicted that it will draw $600 billion into philanthropy. More than three dozen billionaires have promised at least half of their fortunes to charity, joining a program that Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett started in June to encourage other wealthy people to give. In an article published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Dr. Volker Then, Managing Director at CSI, talks about the development of foundations and giving in Germany and its cultural differences with regard to the US.

  • For the entire article, please click here (German)

"The financial sector needs a civil society watchdog" by Ekkehard Thümler and Lorenzo Fioramonti

Open Democracy Ekkehard Thümler, Project Director at CSI, and Lorenzo Fioramonti, Senior Fellow at CSI, published their article "The financial sector needs a civil society watchdog" for the set up of a 'Greenpeace of the financial sector'. They discuss the question if and how philanthropic foundations engage for the creation of such a civil society watchdog for the financial markets and announce a CSI reserach project on these issues.

  • For the complete article, please click here.

Fürther Ludwig-Erhard-Preis awarded to Robert Münscher

EDULEARN10 Dr. Robert Münscher, Head of CSI Advisory Services, has been awarded the 2010 Fürther Ludwig-Erhard-Preis. The prize was presented to him at an official ceremony in Fürth by German Vice Chancellor and Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle for his dissertation on building trust in intercultural management relations ("Vertrauensentwicklung im interkulturellen Management“). Using the example of German-French management relations, the dissertation describes the conditions for building as well as destroying trust across cultures. More information in the CSI press release (in German).

CSI at EDULEARN 10 Conference

EDULEARN10 For the first time, the CSI was represented at the EDULEARN 10, the annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, from 5th to 7th of July 2010 in Barcelona. More than 500 delegates from 65 different countries met to attend 400 presentations. Dr. Tobias Vahlpahl and Florian Bläß from the CSI teaching team presented their paper "A different kind of eLearning for different lecturers?" According to their study, lecturers at different ages tend to use eLearning techniques in different ways and with a different focus. The complete paper can be downloaded here.

"The Gross Domestic Problem"
by Lorenzo Fioramonti

Lorenzo Fioramonti Lorenzo Fioramonti is a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Social Investment of the University of Heidelberg and one of the authors of the documentary "The Age of Adaptation", which deals with climate justice, the imbalances of economic growth and the need for an alternative development model. On May 31st, 2010, his article on "The Gross Domestic Problem" was published: The financial crisis has been crunching our economies. Plummeting exports, job losses, falling investment, home foreclosures and skyrocketing deficits (and public debt) are but a few of the most widely reported disastrous effects of the [...]
For the entire article please click here.

CSI contribution to Volunteering Report

BMFSFJ The "Report on the Situation and Perspectives of Civic Engagement in Germany" is a state of the art report on volunteering in the Federal Republic. It gives policy recommendations for political and corporate leaders, civil society and further research. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) and assembled by the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB), the report especially addresses the relationship between volunteering and families. For this purpose Konstantin Kehl and Volker Then from CSI were asked for an expert report on volunteering in multi-generation housing developments. The paper can be downloaded from the WZB project website (in German).

CSI-MLS-Symposium 2009

Symposium The global crisis is now entering its second year. What began as a banking crisis continues to impact the economy and society at large, including the nonprofit sector and philanthropy. Questions and issues concerning the impact of the financial crisis on the third sector were at the heart of the 2009 CSI MLS Symposium, an international gathering of academics and social investment experts. For more information please download the symposium protocol.

Dr. Volker Then at the symposium "Responsible leadership in times of change"

Symposium The symposium "Responsible leadership in times of change", hosted by the Banque de Luxembourg, will take place on October 9th, 2009, in Luxembourg. CSI managing director Dr. Volker Then supported the Banque de Luxembourg in the conceptional preparation of the symposium "Responsible leadership in times of change". He will also participate as a host of the foundation governance workshop. For more information please download the symposium flyer

CSI participates at the 1st "Zukunftssymposium - Bürgerengagement und gesellschaftlicher Wandel"

Zukunftssymposium On June 26th, 2009, Werner Ballhausen (Bündnis für Engagement), state secretary Gerd Hoofe, Dr. Brigitte Mohn (Bertelsmann Stiftung), Prof. Dr. Thomas Olk and Dr. Volker Then, CSI's managing director, held the discussion about strategies for the development of the "Engagementland Deutschland" at the the final panel of the first symposium "Civic commitment and social change" in Cologne. In the context of this event, executives from both politics, economy and civil society met in order to discuss the impact of civic commitment for society. www.Stiftungen.org/Zukunftssymposium

"Award for Innovation in Third Sector Research" presented to the "Global Civil Society Yearbook"

Israel Centre Logo On March 19th, 2009, the "Award for Innovation in Third Sector Research" was presented to the "Global Civil Society Yearbook" by the "Israeli Center for Third Sector Research". The "Global Civil Society Yearbook" is a joint project of the Centre for the Study of Global Governance at the London School of Economics and Political Science, the Center for Civil Society at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the Center for Social Investment at Heidelberg University. More

Opening ceremony of our new office

opening ceremony On Monday, March 16th, the opening of our new office was celebrated with a panel discussion and a ceremony. After a brief introduction, Prof. Thomas Pfeiffer - prorector of the Ruprecht-Karls-University - expressed his appreciation for Mr Lautenschläger's financial support consisting of the lease cost payment for 7 years. Following the introduction, representants from both politics, economy and the foundation sector were discussing issues concerning "the role of foundations in society". This panel discussion was the first of the "Heidelberg Foundation Discussions" which will take place at least two times a year.
(Picture: Patrick G. Stößer)

Prof. Anheier gives a speech on the global economic downturn and philanthropy

Prof. Anheier On the occasion of the FERI foundation prize ceremony, Prof. Anheier gave a speech on the "Global Economic Downturn, Philanthropy and Nonprofits". Among other things, Prof. Anheier reflects upon the effects of the current economic crisis on the nonprofit sector. He also deals with the question as to how nonprofits can properly react on the current situation. For the complete speech please go to our download section or click on the following link.

ISA World Congress 2010 Call for Paper

ISA Congress The call for paper for the next ISA WORLD CONGRESS 2010 in Gothenburg/Sweden has been launched. The programme to the sessions of research committee 17/"Organization Sociology" can be found under: http://www.isa-sociology.org/congress2010/rc/rc17.htm

Mercator Foundation to fund a doctoral scholarship

basel The Centre for Social Investment plans to cooperate with the newly founded Centre for Philanthropy Studies (CEPS) at Basel University. In order to invigorate CEPS' research activities, the Mercator Foundation Switzerland is going to fund a doctoral scholarship. For the comprehensive job advertisment please click here (German)

Feasibility study on a European Foundation Statute

basel The CSI, together with the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law (MPI) in Hamburg and the Law Faculty of the University of Heidelberg have finalized the Feasibility Study on a European Foundation Statute for the European Commission. Among other things, the study contains an overview of the main types of foundations in Europe. It will soon be published by the European Commission. More information can be found in the article "European Foundation Statute - The Next Steps" by Volker Then and Tobias Vahlpahl which was published in "Effect (Winter 2008)".

Prof. Helmut K. Anheier counseling the government of Icland

basel CSI Academic Director Prof. Anheier, met with the president of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, for consultation on how the Third Sector can help coping with the effects of the financial crisis. Prof. Anheier spoke on effects of the crisis on the nonprofit sector as well as short term and long term ways to react.

Johann-Hinrich-Wichern prize awarded to Prof. Helmut K. Anheier

basel On November 4th, 2008, Prof. Helmut K. Anheier, Centre for Social Investment, was awarded the Johann-Hinrich-Wichern prize by Klaus-Dieter Kottnik, chairman of the Diakonie Bundesverband. The prize carries a value of 15.000 Euros and dignifies people that have rendered outstanding services to the "Diakonie". For the offical press release please visit www.diakonie.de.

3. Stiftertag der Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar

basel The social significance of foundations is on the rise. Over 50 percent of the 14.000 foundations in Germany have been founded within the last 30 years, 350 of which are situated within the Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar - an impressive proof of the comittment of this region. With organizational support by the CSI, the third "Stiftertag der Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar" took place on Thursday, December 4th, in the Congress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim. For more information please visit http://www.m-r-n.com/.

Creative Force Foundations: 8th Swiss Foundation Symposium

fesiProf. Helmut K. Anheier, academic director of CSI, gave a lecture on Nobember 26th/27th at the 8th Swiss Foundation Symposium which was hosted by SwissFoundations, Gare du Nord, Basel. The symposium dealt with current issues of charitable foundations in Switzerland. More information at Swissfoundations.ch

Professionalization in Not-for-Profit Management

fesiFrom November 7th through November 8th, 2008 a workshop was held on "Professionalization in Not-for-Profit Management" in Heidelberg. It was organized by the Diaconal Institute (DWI) in Heidelberg in cooperation with the DSG section "professionalization sociology" and the Centre for Social Investment (CSI).

CSI at the "Stiftungstag 2008" in Munich

fesiThe Centre for Social Investment presented its work from June 25th through 27th at the "Stiftungstag 2008". The conference took place at the Congress Centrum in Munich. The 'Foundations' Day 2008' started on June 25th with the "forum philanthropy". Participants could engage in discussions, meet in several round tables like 'foundations and the public' or 'impacts and law', and could attend to seminars of the cooperating partners. read more

Symposium "Seizing the opportunity for Philanthropy in Luxembourg" (April 23)

fesiAs the first event of its kind focusing entirely on philanthropy in Luxembourg, the symposium provided participants with the opportunity to learn about current best practices and discover the outlines of a framework that could enable the country to experience the same rapid development in its philanthropy sector as European neighbours. Dr. Volker Then represented the CSI. You can watch an interview with Dr. Then on philanthropy in Luxembourg on Youtube, and you'll find a documentation of the colloquium on www.philantrhopie.lu .

CSI's research proposal within the excellence initiative was successful

frontierProf. Dr. Helmut K. Anheier and Dr. Andreas Schröer have won resources from the excellence initiative programme of the University of Heidelberg ('FRONTIER programme') for the CSI research project "The Governance of Hybrid Organizations: The Case of Social Entrepreneurship & Corporate Social Responsibility". The project inquires governance issues of so-called hybrid organizations, i.e. organizations at the intersection of the nonprofit sector and the state or the market. More information on the project can be found in the projects section or in issue 2 of september 2008 of the CSI report.

Lecture by Peter Hero, June 24th, 4pm

fesiPeter Hero, former president of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation which was created in 2006 through the landmark merger of Peninsula Community Foundation and Community Foundation Silicon Valley, came to Heidelberg to give a lecture in the CSI seminar series titled "Venture Philanthropy - Market Driven Philanthropy - New Approaches to High Impact". He outlined the history and spreading of the Venture Philanthropy idea in the United States Read more

2nd Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan Region Founders' Day


The 2nd Founders' Day of the Rhein-Neckar Metropolitan Region sought to contribute to building up know-how and founders' expertise in the region. For this purpose, the CSI (in cooperation with the association "Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar") provided several expert workshops, addressing anyone interested in or having experience with foundations. A panel discussion with the renowned philanthropists Manfred Lautenschläger und Dietmar Hopp offered insight into the motivation, experiences and social roles of founders. Within the exhibition called "youth and education", local foundations showcased their work. With more than 200 visitors, the event was a great success.
Read more

EFC Summer Academy 2007


Growth in number and resources, greater policy recognition, more media scrutiny - foundations are facing it all, and on top of that having to deal with ensuing questions about impact, effectiveness and efficiency, codes of conduct, ethics and transparency. This year's EFC Summer Academy hosted by the Centre for Social Investment (CSI) in the charming city of Heidelberg, Germany, gathered around 50 representatives of the foundation and related sectors in Europe, to meet with peers and hone in on these areas under the umbrella theme of impact-driven philanthropy. Read more

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