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You are already working in the nonprofit sector and would now like to continue your studies in specific topics or dedicate yourself inten­sively to spe­cific issues depending on your needs and require­ments? You are employed in the for­profit or public sector and would like to effi­ciently explore the special features of social inno­vation and value-based action? You are stri­ving to develop your under­standing of the Third Sector as a whole?

Acquire those competencies which distinguish manage­ment personnel in today’s society. In our Exe­cutive Trai­ning programs you will find programs for numerous topics that will meet your indi­vidual goals and will corres­pond to your experience, knowledge and needs.

+ Our Basic Training offers the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the basics of a specific topic.

+ In the Advanced Training you apply special methods and your know­ledge directly to your own project.

+ The Expert Training imparts to you the competencies which enable you to further develop your organi­zation selec­tively in special areas.

+ With our Individual Solutions we offer programs for staff and organi­zational develop­ment within the scope of consul­tation in line with your precise needs.

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