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The CSI focuses its work on making a las­ting contri­bution to the pro­fessionali­zation of the third sector. Our higher edu­cation pro­grams enable you, as a mana­ger in the fields of civil society, eco­nomics or poli­tics, to have a inno­vative, effec­tive and sustai­nable involve­ment in the develop­ment of a modern civil society.

Master Executive Training

The Master’s Pro­gram at CSI trains pro­spec­tive and as­pi­ring lea­ders in the field of so­cial in­vest­ment and in­no­va­tion. This in­no­va­tive and in­ter­dis­cipli­nary hi­gher edu­ca­tion pro­gram takes four semes­ters and can be stu­died along­side em­ploy­ment.
The main teaching language is German.

The Executive Trai­ning at the CSI offers develop­ment and trai­ning oppor­tuni­ties for third sector mana­gers and/or their organi­zations through inten­sive and effi­cient courses. The programs there­by corre­spond to your parti­cular expe­rience and know­ledge and are tai­lored to suit indi­vidual needs.
The workshops are in English or German language.

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