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CSI Report

New: "CSI report", Issue No.16/ March 2014

In this issue:

  • Study confirms positive effects of workplace childcare: Companies are increasingly investing in workplace childcare facilities. The CSI conducted the first comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of such facilities. The focus of the study was the workplace childcare centre at BASF SE. According to the study's findings, the public sector, parents, and the company all benefit from workplace childcare centres, albeit to different degrees. Companies are increasingly investing in workplace childcare facilities. The CSI conducted the first comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of such facilities. The focus of the study was the workplace childcare centre at BASF SE. According to the study's findings, the public sector, parents, and the company all benefit from workplace childcare centres, albeit to different degrees.
  • Activities in the capital. The Berlin office of the CSI: For almost five years the CSI is active in Berlin. The "branch" has become a fixed location with its own research projects and acts as an important interface between science, politics and business. Learn more about the different projects and our colleagues at our office in Berlin.
  • The CSI's offers for extended education are growing: Social innovation will become a key topic in our new course selection. The CSI also offers solutions tailored to particular organisations and companies.

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CSI News

New release: Philanthropy and Education. Strategies for Impact

Innoserv The book presents the results of the international research project 'Strategies for Impact in Education'. It addresses the question of how philanthropic actors can make a more effective, beneficial and responsible contribution to the field of public education. It develops an innovative model of effective education philanthropy and uncovers strategies to successfully tackle problems in this complex domain. The publication has been edited by Ekkehard Thümler, Nicole Bögelein, Annelie Beller and Helmut K. Anheier.

  • Follow the link for more information: http://www.palgrave.com/products/title.aspx?pid=666281.

    CSI provides expertise for science and civil society in North Caucasus

    InnoservThe CSI contributed with an introduction to Impact Measurement to a conference in Stavropol, Russia. The aim of the conference had been to connect actors from civil society and science within the region. Participants had been representatives of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the vice rector of the North-Caucasus Federal University, members of Stavropol Volunteers Movement and the Robert Bosch Foundation.

    Picture: Representatives of MitOst e.V., the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the CSI discuss options for cooperation with the vice rector of the University of Stavropol.

    'Social Return on Investment' (SROI) is the tool for social impact measurement that has received most attention in recent years internationally.

    SROICSI has undertaken a comprehensive effort to analyze and showcase what is happening in this emergent and dynamic field. A Meta-Analysis has been performed which systematically assesses SROI studies conducted and published between 2000 and early 2012.

    The SROI Meta-Analysis focuses on three primary areas:

    (1) Initiators, analysts & analyzed organizations
    (2) Fields of application, target groups & indicators applied
    (3) Quality assessment

    Innoserv - Your Opinion is wanted!

    Innoserv The goal of the project Innoserv is to ascertain the future challenges in providing social services and identify what innovations already do exist. A film crew travelled across Europe and produced, in conjunction with the Innoserv team, short videos which are now available online. You have the opportunity to watch the videos and can express your opinion on the presented solutions via a short questionnaire.

    Social Innovation in Europe

    Master At the conference “Social Innovation – Priority for a European Agenda“ in the European Parliament politicians, scientists and practitioners discussed about social innovation. The conference dealt with the support of social innovations by the EU during the next period (2014-2020), innovation management and examples of innovations from different European countries. Volker Then argued in his input that social enterprises are important drivers for social innovations. Acting as hybrid organisations they use resources from different sectors such as volunteer input, political support and social capital. However, to scale innovations especially new social enterprises need the support of large non-profit organisations and public policies.
    Heinz K. Becker, MEP, hosted the conference.

    New Executive Training Programs

    Starting this spring, CSI Heidelberg offers new Executive Training programs.
    The new format begins with two programs, which will take place twice a year. The international training "Social Investment and Impact" will be the first program we provide. The second training will be the "Kompetenzschmiede für Sozialunternehmer", targeting social entrepreneurs in different phases of their project, and held in German language. Both training programs will take place in Heidelberg with a duration of three days each.

    The targeted audience for "Social Investment and Impact" training are also executives in the field of social impact assessment as well as decision makers planning on strengthening the implementation of the topic in their organization. The participants will find themselves in a moderated environment to discuss and develop their projects with experts and colleagues.

    CSI secures long-term funding from ABN AMRO Private Banking

    ABN AMRO Private Banking, the international wealth management division of ABN AMRO Bank, has announced it will fund research activities at Heidelberg University’s Centre for Social Investment (CSI). The CSI secured the bank’s funding against competition from other European academic research centres. This followed ABN AMRO Private Banking’s search for a long-term partnership with a university institute which focuses on research, teaching and advisory services in the field of nonprofit institutions. The partnership allows ABN AMRO Private Banking to extend and strengthen its commitment to the nonprofit sector across Europe and beyond, while enabling the CSI to advance its research on strategy and social value creation of European civil society institutions.
    Representatives of the Dutch bank and the CSI team met in Heidelberg for a kick-off meeting in September. In addition to the funding agreement, the parties have agreed on advisory and communication services concerning current trends in the sector and the transfer of knowhow from research to practice. The services will be provided both to clients and staff of the bank in workshops and other communication formats.

    Social Entrepreneurship – Chances for Social Innovation in Germany

    Representatives of the seven involved universities and Stiftung Mercator presented the results of the biennial study by the Mercator Research Association “Innovative Social Acting. Social Entrepreneurship” at a parliamentary evening. It took place on 13th September in the Mercator Centre Berlin.

    • For more information on this event, please click here.
    • You may download the policy paper here (in German).

    SKF publishes CSI Impact and Strategy Report

    Master The Norwegian foundation ‘Sorlandets Kompetansefond’ (SKF) has published the CSI report ‘Creating Impact in Southern Norway. A Social Return on Investment Report’. Starting with a portfolio analysis of all past SKF projects, the CSI has developed a strategy model for the foundation, realised three exemplary impact studies (following the Social Return on Investment approach, SROI), and developed strategic recommendations for the future.

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