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Heidelberg Philanthropy Fellowship Program

As a core element of the interdisciplinary and comparative approach with a European scope in mind, the CSI will invite international fellows to Heidelberg to contribute to both research in the field as well as the teaching and outreach activities of the Centre. The CSI views this exchange as a key component of its efforts to build a network with other European centres and individual scholars as well as leading practitioners interested in the reflection on strategies and approaches in the sector.

Heidelberg Philanthropy Fellows will be invited to stay at the Centre for flexible periods of time between eight weeks and six months. Initially, we intended to invite at least two fellows per year.

Fellows will be invited on the following conditions:

  •  Fellows are entitled to receive stipend/honorarium for the maximum duration of four months of their stay.
  •  They are invited for a maximum period of six months.
  •  In case fellows will not need to draw on the stipend because they are on paid leave from their home organisation, the funds available per fellow will allow a longer stay or will allow the CSI to invite an additional fellow.
  •  The fellows will be allocated expenses for their research, travel, etc.
  •  Office space and infrastructure will be provided by the CSI.
  •  Fellows will be invited to contribute to the teaching and convening activities and the academic exchange to the extent of at least one lecture, seminar session or public statement per three months of their fellowship.
  •  Fellows will provide a project proposal of their research interest with their application. The fellowship may be designed as part of a more extensive research effort that will be continued or has been started at the home institutions of the fellows.

Candidates will be identified upon the recommendation of:

  •  Academic colleagues in the European sector
  •  Senior foundation or nonprofit representatives (The Compagnia di San Paolo will have the first right to propose)
  •  Search/recruitment efforts of the directors of the CSI

Eligible for a Heidelberg Philanthropy Fellowship will be:

  •  Academic Scholars with a clear research interest in the nonprofit sector or philanthropy, irrespective of their discipline (social and political sciences, economics and business administration, law, philosophy, theology, history, etc.) and a documented track record in third sector or nonprofit sector research.
  •  Senior Practitioners from nonprofit organisations or foundations with an interest in reflection and research.

The Heidelberg Philanthropy Fellows will be invited by the Directors of the CSI upon consultation with the Interdisciplinary Working Group (representatives of the different faculties working at CSI) of the CSI and the International Advisory Board of the CSI. The decision rests solely with the Directors of the CSI.

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