Centrum für soziale Investitionen und Innovationen | Centre for Social Investment
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A General theoy, science, philosophy, political theory, sociology, economics
B Comprehensive topics, comparisons, third sector basics
D Volunteering, self-helpe
E Third sector business administration and economics (management, fundraising)
F Third sector and state / public administration
G Third sector and economy
H Third sector and private households
K Arts, culture, leisure (ICNPO-group 1)
L Schools, universities, education, research (ICNPO-group 2)
M Health (ICNPO-group 3)
N Social services (ICNPO-group 4)
O Environment, nature conservancy (ICNPO-group 5)
P National development aid (ICNPO-group 6)
Q Law, lobbying, politics (ICNPO-group 7)
R (ICNPO-group 8)
S (ICNPO-group 9)
U Churches, religion (ICNPO-group 10)
V Trade associations, professional organisations, (ICNPO-group 11)
W Other fields of activity (ICNPO-group 12)

Our library is a reference library. All available books can be found on University Library Heidelberg: HEIDI.

An overview of all NPO libraries worldwide can be found at Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance gGmbH

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