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Centrum für soziale Investitionen und Innovationen

CSI Advisory Services: Profile & Team

Our Advisory Services team develops and implements consulting projects and offers executive training workshops - all this based on many years of experience in the areas of foundation management, public relations and social marketing, business consulting, change management, and training and coaching. Depending on the project and our client's interest, we coordinate the assignment of project managers and experts from the CSI research and teaching departments to complement the work of the Advisory Services team.

Our interdisciplinary team combines knowledge and know-how from various fields including business and organizational psychology, business studies, economics and educational science.

Volker Then

Dr. Volker Then not only knows all social investment-related issues by heart but actually keeps being 'one step ahead' of them. His secret: always being open for an excellent lunch.

Konstantin Kehl

Konstantin Kehl

Rüdiger Knust

Rüdiger Knust knows many ways how Social Entrepreneurs and Social Businesses can scale their social impact, is always interested in intercultural exchange – and is almost unstoppable when it comes to miniature golf.

Thomas Scheuerle

Thomas Scheuerle knows that there are many ways to run a social business, always keeps the general public welfare in mind - and feels most comfortable among furniture he makes himself.

Stefan Stahlschmidt

Stefan Stahlschmidt is our expert for quantitative impact analysis, always stresses the economist's perspective - and likes to enjoy a good play at the theatre.

Carsten Eggersglüß

Carsten Eggersglüß knows social marketing and fundraising like the back of his hand, organizes giant events in no time at all - and occasionally travels to the polar circle.

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