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CSI Advisory Services: Expertise

CSI Advisory Services has been providing expertise around all issues of social investment for more than 5 years. Our team has longstanding experiences in areas like philanthropy and foundation management, corporate responsibility, consulting, public relations & social marketing, training & coaching.

We provide comprehensive practical experience in combination with academic excellence and direct access to cutting-edge research results.

How can we help you with your social investment ideas or issues? Do not hesitate to contact us. The following pages provide informationen on our core areas of expertise.



Strategy and Programme Development
...for people interested in starting a philanthropic enterprise as well as existing foundations, for nonprofit organizations as well as companies and entrepreneurs who would want to (re-)design CR effective activities. [more]



Impact Analysis, SROI Analysis
...for getting well-founded assessments of the social impact of your work to report to boards or the public, and in order to clearly identify what works and inform decision-making. [more]



Organizational Development, Mission Statements
...establish effective structures and policies, use the force of mission statements that work, develop an appropriate approach to internal training and personnel development. [more]



Customized Training for Management, Employees and Boards
...tailored to your organisation – to get you moving forward with your social investment and make our knowledge and experiences available to you. [more]



Social Value Creation Chains: Identify the Partners that fit best with your Goals
...to help you reach your social goals more sustainably and enhance the social impact you create – we like to see the right people and organizations join forces in order to translate good ideas into pioneering projects. [more]

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