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CSI Briefings

All CSI briefings provide practical information in a nutshell to social investors including founders, foundations, and companies. Each CSI briefing deals with a topic, approach or method that we address, use or research at CSI and that is relevant to practitioners. The aim is always to cover one aspect from our work in the field of 'social investment' in a concise and clear way - thus answering the question: How can this benefit the people and organizations out in the field?


  CSI briefing | No. 01 :

Doing Good: Successfully! How the Theory of Change Method Helps to Achieve Goals

Major effort - but in the wrong direction? The so-called 'Theory of Change' method develops a kind of 'business plan' for any social investment - in other words: a systematic description of what to do in order to achieve the desired goal. At the same time, it helps to legitimize the activity and to create transparency. pdf

  CSI briefing | No. 02 :

Measuring and Proving Impact: Creating Transparency with the Social Return on Investment Approach

Using modern methods of impact analysis, investments in social or nonprofit goals can actually often be measured in a rather concise way. Social Return on Investment (SROI) analyses help to successfully identify social impacts. In particular, the approach determines the societal benefits that occur through social investments. pdf

  CSI briefing | No. 03 :

Market-driven Strategies: A Way to Create Sustainable Social Impact

How can you significantly improve the sustainability of a social investment? A clever approach is making specific use of market forces where it seems impossible at first glance. CSI briefing No. 03 uses clear examples to show how a social investor can strategically make use of the genuinely self-interested behaviour of market participants in order to pursue achieve a social aim sustainably. pdf

  CSI briefing | No. 05 :

Effective Corporate Responsibility: What Counts Is the Actual Value-Added for Society

Corporate Responsibility serves not only to react to external threats. Instead, it offers huge entrepreneurial potential! Important to know, however: The bigger and the more sustainable the social benefits of CR, the bigger the entrepreneurial potential. [has not been released yet, anticipated date of publication: February 2014]

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