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Symposium 2011


20-21 OCTOBER 2011

"The privatization of higher education: Private investments for the common good?"

Privatization can be considered one of the most important and contested trends in contemporary higher education. Although literature suggests different (more or less polemic) ways to conceive of the term, an unbiased working definition of "privatization" should focus on the increasing level of private contributions to the provision of higher education. Hence, privatization refers to both, the creation of private training and research institutions as well as to the introduction of private capital into public institutions. The rapid spread of privatization in higher education systems across the world and the growing variation of its forms and practices raise a set of complex questions for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers in education we would like to address.

The objective of this conference is to generate a theoretically informed discussion that is international and multidisciplinary, cross-cutting multiple lines of political ideology. By addressing the dangers as well as the potentials of privatization in higher education, we would like to contribute to the further elaboration and differentiation of the concept.

The call is open to contributions based on empirical data (qualitative and quantitative) as well as to high-quality theoretical and/or 'position' papers. We welcome submissions from a range of relevant social science disciplines (for example, education studies, sociology, political science, economics, public administration, business and management and social policy) from scholars in all regions of the world, and from researchers at any stage of their career. Papers should be considering a range of issues including, but not confined to:

  • The "ideological" underpinnings of privatization: Evidence at the policy level
  • Private investments as a new form of cost-sharing
  • The expansion of private higher education
  • New ways of organising academia: Between managerialism and new professional ethics?
  • Global politics of privatization

Conference organizers:

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Kathia Serrano-Velarde
Tel +49 (0)6221 / 54 119-76
Carsten Eggersglüß
Tel +49 (0)6221 / 54 119-56

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