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ConferenceRepresentatives of MitOst e.V., the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the CSI discuss options for cooperation with the vice rector of the University of Stavropol.

CSI provides expertise for science and civil society in North Caucasus

The conference which took place December 9th 2013 has been a platform for leading representatives of different initiatives and NGO’s in North Caucasus. One aim has been to connect the different local stakeholders and to foster and support opportunities for cooperation between actors of civil society.

The Centre for Social Investment (CSI) of the University of Heidelberg had been represented by Rüdiger Knust, who was giving a workshop on the “Introduction to Impact Measurement”.

Prior to the commitment of the CSI in Stavropol there had already been a cooperation between Joint Civic Education (JCE) and the advisory services of the CSI. Within a strategy and process consultation CSI helped to support the international operating organisation which is working in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia and Turkey. Through different approaches JCE is working to empower positive social change within the region.

The conference had been initiated by the North-Caucasus Federal University and the Stavropol Volunteers Movement in Stavropol. Partners from Germany had been MitOst e.V. and the Theodor Heuss Kolleg of the Robert Bosch Foundation.

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